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Body Wrap Treatments offered at Valley Physicians & Wellness are therapeutic and aesthetic treatments using all natural ingredients.

Our Body Wrap Treatments will help contour and slim your body, are excellent for a detox regimen, can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, and tighten and tone the skin.

Body wraps use powerful ingredients, compression, and typically either heat or cold to deliver results. These treatments produce both therapeutic and cosmetic benefits by stimulating circulation, cleansing the body of toxins, and producing visible inch loss.

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Detox Body Wraps

The detox body wrap works on the sweat glands to eliminate toxins and other harmful substances we accumulate in our body, it purifies the skin and deeply cleanses it. The detox body wraps is also known as a weight loss booster, it works like a lymphatic drainage. When the number of toxins in our body is so high that they start to accumulate between our layers of fat, increasing the water retention, poor circulation, and increases cellulite. The wrap stimulates the circulation and allows the product to penetrate better. After you get a detox body wrap you are going to feel so slim, fresh, with more energy, and healthier.

Hydrating Wraps

The ideal candidate for this type is a person that has dehydrated skin, irritated, inflammation, or someone who just suffered a sunburn. The esthetician will use a nourishing cream with different moisturizing ingredients that will leave your skin soft, and smooth, the wrap makes the hydration effect penetrate better, and you are most likely going to receive a relaxing massage. This type of body wrap is mostly recommended in seasons like winter when the skin tends to feel dryer.

Infrared Body Wraps

In this type when your body is wrapped you are going to receive infrared heat which is going to help you heal the tissues (perfect for anyone who is suffering inflammation and to relieve the pain) it stimulates the collagen production, reduces the cellulite, increases the weight loss, improves the blood circulation, stimulates the regeneration of the skin's tissue (which means it has anti-aging properties) and the cell growth.

Slimming Body Wraps

This type provides a non-surgical way to reduce the size, and burn fat faster. Of course, you need to combine this treatment with exercise and a healthy diet so you can maximize the benefits. You are going to be wrapped in medical bandages that are soaked in different ingredients and you are going to get a skin tightening cream.

Then you have to wait for around 60 minutes while the product is working (the heat is going the make the ingredients work better, and penetrate deeper in the skin). You are going to be measured both before and after the treatment so you can compare how much weight you loss (you are definitely going to notice a few inches less). This type also works by removing all the toxins in your body (which boosts the weight loss)

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